​Top 5 tips on staying on track over the festive period

​Top 5 tips on staying on track over the festive period

Mince pies, mulled wine, turkey and stuffing sandwiches, chocolate advent calendars, Christmas parties, hungover breakfasts, the list of temptation goes on. But what happens if you have goals that don’t mix with that list above? Sophie Kay of Fitology has some good advice to help us through.

I, for one, am working towards the best body that I can have for my wedding in six months time. So while I’ve still got time to work on it I don’t want to lose sight of my goals over the next few weeks.

So here are my top 5 tips that I’ll be sticking to over the festive weeks:

  • Don’t let the workouts drop
  • Limit the booze intake
  • Make the right choices
  • Don’t beat yourself up
  • It’s Christmas, give yourself a break

If you’re going to eat a few extra carbs then you might as well put the energy to use and smash your workouts. If you’re lifting weights it might be a good time to try for that PB that’s been eluding you or if you’re a cardio queen, use that extra fuel to go further, faster or longer. If you can’t make it into the gym then set up some circuits at home and get sweaty or grab the rest of your family out for a long walk to burn off those breakfast mince pies

It’s impossible to avoid at this time of year but try to limit the damage by alternating alcoholic drinks with water and drinking less calorific drinks such as vodka, fresh lime & soda. If you do have a blowout then sweat it out with a workout the next morning and refuel with plenty of water and a lean bacon sandwich with a micronutrient-packed side of steamed spinach, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms

There can be a lot of dinners and lunches with friends, colleagues, family and clients at this time of year and there’s nothing more testing to willpower than a Christmas menu. However, if you make the right choices you can save yourself a lot of calories and stick to your plan. Go for grilled meat or fish (or turkey breast), steamed vegetables and boiled or steamed rice or potatoes. Ask for sauces on the side so you can control how much goes on your food. And then, since you’ve been so good with your main course, get a dessert. With extra brandy butter on the side.

Slip-ups do happen, especially when surrounded by so much temptation so don’t get too stressed out. A meal off-track doesn’t have to turn into a day or even a week off-track, just shrug it off and hit it with your next workout or meal. One meal (or even two) will hardly affect your body so don’t feel like you’ve failed

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