VPT Spotlight – Meet Lewis Dove

VPT Spotlight – Meet Lewis Dove

Lewis Dove, 24, has recently joined Gymbox as a VPT, who also teaches Gymboxing at Covent Garden/Bank, and HIIT at Farringdon. "My clients' needs always comes first" he says.

I just joined Gymbox in December. So far I'm loving it! Client base is building steadily and I already teach three classes a week. The Farringdon team have been very supportive during my first couple of months here at Gymbox.

Gymbox is loud, bright and there are no rules! The attraction mainly came from the reputation the company has within the City, also the boxing facilities stood out for me as this is one of my passions.

Nothing has surprised me so far. I expected Gymbox to have a different vibe and atmosphere to other gyms I have worked and trained in, that's why I wanted to make the step up!

My approach to training is relaxed. I do believe in training hard and maintaining a high intensity, however, I understand that finding the right balance between training and enjoying life is important as well. Training is part of building a healthier lifestyle, so I work towards finding a happy medium for my clients so they enjoy working out alongside their day to day life.

The biggest benefits you will gain from investing in a VPT is quality and variation of training. Along with continued support and advice. I see so many members go to the gym and do the same thing day in and day out - your body needs variety in order to push it out of its comfort zone. Quality of work comes first over quantity and changing your training style will force your body to react, adapt and become stronger. Also getting that extra push during a set of burpees always helps out!

My best client success story is a woman who, over the course of two years she lost two stone. But, it wasn't just the weight loss and fitness that she gained from the experience that stood out for me. The best part was how exercise changed her life in general - every week I could see her confidence and self esteem grow. This was helping her out at home dealing with the stresses of work and taking care of her family, therefore improving her quality of life, day by day.

I do get emotionally invested in clients. However, there is a fine line. When I train clients 2-3 times a week you get to know them on a more personal level. They open up to you for advice on things in their life other than staying fit and healthy. Although this is a good thing, you need to know when to take a step back.

My client's needs come first. If they're new to exercise, you can't get them doing pull-ups and burpees in their first session! Within the first couple of weeks I like to get to know the client, and their reasons for why they want to achieve a certain goal. When you discover why they want make a change in their life your relationship will become more at ease as they feel comfortable in your company.

The greatest weight loss result achieved with a client is three stone in three months. My client informed me that she lost more weight while training with me than she had in the past 10 years of trying on her own!

My five tips to keep the weight off are: exercise a minimum of three times per week, drink plenty of water, eat your fruit and veggies! Cut down your alcohol consumption (although the odd party doesn't hurt!) and training is for life, not just pre-holiday.

Boxing training is best for all round fitness. Not only does it burn a shed load of calories, it also improves your motor skills i.e. hand-eye coordination and balance. Plus, the fun and stress relief you get from punching a heavy bag or set of pads feels great!

To stay motivated you have to dig down deep inside. You have to think why do you want to become a better version of yourself. I tell people to always imagine the end result and how they are going to look and feel after they've achieved their goals. Each day you've got to work towards reaching a step closer to your end goal, and that is what I focus on when working with my clients on a daily basis.

If a member trains with me they will get a consistent level of support from me week by week. Each session will be fun, varied and linked towards their personal goals in order to maximise their results. Every time you go to the gym, every session you go through, you should be pushing yourself as hard as possible in order to get a step closer to achieving the end goal. I focus on this when working with clients and I gain great satisfaction in seeing an individual becoming a better version of themselves.

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