What happened in The Concrete Jungle?

What happened in The Concrete Jungle?

Well that was a party! Our Concrete Jungle event last month, at edgy East End venue the Laundry, was a huge success! We're still recovering. If you weren't able to make it, or are so hazy from all the fun you need a reminder of the detail, then read on. Words: Bethan Taylor

Descending from the streets to the dark lair of the concrete jungle my neck hairs bristled with anticipation for what the night ahead could bring. Gymbox parties are legendary, you never know what will happen, but you do know it'll be wild. WILD.

Stepping in to a weird alternate universe, wild beasts swirled around us, party animals dressed (and in many cases undressed) to the nines, unleashed for an evening of debauchery and chaos. Music pounded and smoke swirled as these beasts moved and shrieked, stirred up for the night ahead, let loose for what felt like the first time. It was time to shake off the shackles of daily life and delve in to an exhilarating night of performance, delight and dancing.

While the party animals were wild, the performers were even wilder! Gymbox had rounded up some of the fiercest artists and performers that London has to offer. Bizarre creatures that had been kept in captivity, caged and restricted for much too long. They needed to be set free, and we were their victims. It's just as well there were jungle cocktails at the door to help loosen the shackles of the urban world above us, if we'd thought things were wild before, it was about to get that much more hedonistic! I just hoped I was fit enough to keep up.

The beautiful and exotic Sophia St Villier, aka 'The Pony' (pictured below) unleashed her x-rated burlesque performance, sharing the stage with Gymbox wildlings captured and (at least partially) tamed for the occasion. If anything was going to tame this raucous crowd it was Sophia's sultry, ethereal and down right saucy performance. Beasts became putty in her elegant hands.

No party is a party without music, even if you are being entranced by Sophia. DJ BobaFatt is a man who knows his music, and who knows how to use it to stir a crowd of wild animals in to sweaty mess of writhing bodies pulsing their bodies to the beat. Heat rising and pulses raising, this is how you get a room going, and then you throw the amazing Youth Club in to the mix. One of the hottest new bands to emerge in the last year. Their uplifting mix of guitar licks, electronic keys and R & B vocals create pop built for dancing, just in time for the animals to really let loose as they hit the floor! You think we work hard in the gym, well this put any set to shame. Sweat poured, make up smeared, arms in the air, best dance moves thrown.

This is how you party.