Win: Meet Instructor Wayne Nicholas

Win: Meet Instructor Wayne Nicholas

Wayne Nicholas has been a personal trainer for 16 years and runs two of Gymbox's toughest classes, Drill Sergeant and No Holds Barred. He has been picked by members as this week's Gymbox winning instructor. "If you're part of team Wayne I will never let you down" he says. We meet him. 

Hi Wayne, how do you feel about being chosen as a favourite instructor this week?

I'm actually quite shocked! I love my job and have never been a person to ask for stuff, so it's nice when people acknowledge the work you do. I just do my job and that's it! 

What’s with the Superman tee, are you Superman? What are your super powers?

I'm a bit of a muscle bound geek really. I've always been into superhero comics and films, which came from my brothers as they were always into that stuff, and were always captains of football teams. So I saw them as my heroes. My super power is the power to motivate. 

If you had an actual super power, what would it be, and why?

If I had a super power I would like to change my tattoos on a daily basis to match the style I was going for! Silly I know, but I don't like the norm.

You teach Drill Sergeant and No Holds Barred - describe these for those who don’t know about them.

Outside being a Holborn VPT I'm known for two very tough classes. One being the circuit-based class Drill Sergeant which has one minute stations with only 10 seconds rest and the odd burpee thrown in! Horrible! And there's the concept No Holds Barred which is barbell movements versus Frame exercises - also horrible! There are two teams and if yours lose you will suffer! Double tough!

You say you don’t take no for an answer, ever made your clients cry during training? 

My classes are designed around intensity sweat and laughter, you will train hard but with a smile on your face and yes, there have been a few times where people have cried and thrown up! YES!

You have a varied personal training style that includes boxing and Jujitsu - tell us about that.

I have trained all over and that means trying stuff to to and more weapons to my armour with that it meant learning studying and applying that to or clients At the moment I favour the freedom of cross-training that means I have the power to save a damsel in distress, but also if I need to run for a bus I'm good to go. 

How do you stay inspired (and inspiring) as a trainer and instructor after 16 years?

After 16 years I stay focused because I'm getting older now so I don't need some young upstart showing me up! Seriously, I love what I do and I feed off people, so if you're up for it, then so am I. At first it takes a while for people to get used to me, but once they do the world is our oyster.

Have you got any good transformational stories about people you have worked with over the years? 

Every person I train I change for the good. One time a Drill class member came up to me and told me how everyone was commenting on how his build had changed. He said it was down to my class. His work hours changed so he couldn't make my class. I couldn't get the time changed just for him so he got 75 signatures and he got his wish. He got his late night Drill Sergeant! 

What have been your biggest life learnings so far? 

Quite simple really. Be nice to people and people will be nice to you... 

Behind the muscly facade, any surprising things about you?

I'm a family man and will do anything for them. I'm very caring, and sometimes people believe I'm a drill sergeant 24-7. I'm actually very soppy and soft inside! 

In your eyes, what makes a winner?

In my eyes a winner is someone who is true to themselves. If you're part of team Wayne I will never let you down. 

Get a bit of Wayne in your life! Book in to Drill Sergeant and No Holds Barred today.