Win! Meet Nima Jam

Win! Meet Nima Jam

Nima Jam is one of our most revered Frame instructors, a real winner in our books. "I’m a believer of 'inspire to be inspired' and my classes really inspire me". Nuff said. Time to be inspired, then. We meet him. 

Hi Nima, you teach Frame Fitness. Can you describe what it is for those who don’t know about it?

Frame Fitness is many things, it's constantly varied, and focuses on functional movement patterns. Movements we've been doing for centuries; climbing, rowing, pulling, pushing, throwing, running and jumping. We incorporate all of these movements into high intensity circuits. As a by product; a fitter and stronger you!

Any myths about it you’d like to expose for those who are a bit scared of trying it out?

“I can’t do pull-ups” – I hear this a lot when I invite people to try out Frame Fitness. We don’t use the “C” word here. There's always something, or an alternative than you CAN do. I also break down the different stages of progression in order to get everybody competent in doing pull-ups. It takes consistency and patience. Remember this: "All things are hard before they become easy".

What can Frame add to one’s training schedule?

Variety, every session is different. It's also challenging but if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. You're adding another string to your bow.

Have you seen members’ fitness improve over the time if they come to your classes regularly?

Most definitely! And it’s rewarding to see that. I keep telling my classes: “repetition is the mother of skill” and “consistency is key”. I’m only here to show them the ropes, show them how it’s done and to get the best out them. They work hard and hard work pays off.

Any good stories from your sessions? 

I stopped using power bands for assisted pull-ups in my classes. I did this for eight weeks and Instead of using assisted pull-ups I had everyone do isometric pull-ups (just holding themselves for as long as they could on the bar) also known as "time under tension". This has really helped develop the core and upper body strength in everyone. Many of them can hold there own body weight for more than 30 seconds now. I've also had two girls and a guy who managed to achieve one strict chin-up - they are now officially in the game!

Is it more popular with men rather than women?

I would have thought that too, I'm actually trying to get more men involved! It’s pretty close to being even, I would say I have roughly 3-4 more women than men in every class. I have created a family with my Frame Fitness classes - TEAM (together everybody achieves more) we work very hard so we even it out with banter. Work hard/play hard.

How can we encourage more people to get involved?

Pull-ups are a great metaphor for life – to be able to hold or pull your own weight. As a trainer I have made it my goal to get everybody - both men and women - competent at doing strict pull-ups and push-ups. From time you can do one strict pull-up or pushup with good form, believe me, you're in the game! Even though women don't have as much muscle building hormones as men that's not to say they can't do pull-ups as I have many women who attend my classes that now can!

You teach at various Gymbox clubs, do you have a favourite? 

I get asked this question frequently - every Gymbox has something unique about it. I love the atmosphere of Westfield, the cosines of Farringdon, and with the newest club Old Street? Well it’s a playground, very fun and versatile.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work?

People always come back, even with a broken foot. I had one guy at Gymbox Westfield who fractured his ankle playing football, his foot was in a cast and he still made it down and completed the session. I gave him alternative exercises as he was limited on some of the exercises. But I’m a believer of “inspire to be inspired” and my classes really inspire me. I find teaching Frame Fitness very stimulating and refreshing.

Do you think being strong in body can impact on the mind?

I think being strong in mind can impact the body. The mind is everything. It’s where we make decisions, face our fears, stay determined and conquer our goals.

What is it about Gymbox as a brand that works for you as a VPT?

At Gymbox sky is the limit, it has everything. It's just a fun, positive quirky and eccentric environment which I vibe off, and as a result I do my job more effectively. 

Monday: Frame Fitness, Old Street (1:00pm) / Frame Fitness, Westfield (6:30pm). Tuesday: Kettlebells, Westfield (1:15pm), Frame Fitness, Farringdon (6:15pm). Thursday: Frame Fitness, Holborn (7:30am) / Frame Fitness, Old Street (12:00pm). Friday: Frame Fitness, Covent Garden (1:00pm). Frame Fitness, Covent Garden - Thursdays (6:15pm).