1 Rep Max

Feel like a superhero in this ultimate test of strength. Focusing on three exercises - the squat, deadlift and shoulder press.  This class will work on technique, movement quality and build you up to your 1RM making you feel like a Marvel monster.

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Growing up Elle loved playing almost every sport she could find and started coaching basketball at age 14. For her it’s always been about performance and health so now she specialises in functional training, gymnastics, power and Olympic lifting. Visit Elle to learn some new skills, get fit and have fun! 


Whilst studying Zoology at university, Bianca admits she missed more than one lecture to fit in a gym session. Having discovered her passion for fitness, she went on to become a qualified studio instructor and PT, and now loves every minute teaching at Gymbox.

Firas - Master Trainer

Firas found his passion for American Football 15 years ago, and has since won numerous championships as both a player and coach. Firas brings his enthusiasim and camaraderie to all his classes, and will undoubtedly bring out the inner athlete in you.


A lover of lifting heavy things and dancing to her hearts content, Daisy is a PT and studio instructor who’s specialities include kettlebells, strength training and holistic flexibility. Her classes are based on teamwork and guaranteed to help you reach your fitness potential. 

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