Balates evolves the dancer's workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with all the benefits of Pilates: building core flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abs, arms, hips and back.

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Having been born with defects in both her legs, Ophelie wishes to show her clients that nothing is impossible, and that with belief and commitment you can achieve anything. As well as an instructor and PT at Gymbox, Ophelie is a circus and burlesque artist. 


Combining Clare's passion for fitness and her experience as a professional dancer, her training is a mash up of dance fitness and functional training. You're likely to find her hanging upside down from the rope, swinging a kettlebell around or having a good ol' stretch in the studio.
She may look like a short, sweet, blonde girl but don't be fooled, she'll have you working hard and breaking a sweat as soon as you step foot into her class.

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