Thigh High

That's right put in the work, move your ass go berserk! Keep your pins in shape with this toning lower body workout, be prepared to lift, squeeze, tone and tighten your legs!

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Hattie's training began at the age of 3 when she started taking ballet lessons. As her love for dance blossomed she began performing, and immersed herself in a variety of different dance styles specialising in contemporary and breaking. Whilst at Gymbox she has broadened her knowledge in the Aerial Arts and is fully committed to sharing her love for everything aerial, acrobatic and upside down!


Performing and dancing are Jai's passion, so helping others work on their own health and fitness is a huge motivation for why she continues to work as an instructor. Jai loves seeing members push past their own boundaries and leave glowing knowing they have given it their all!

James - Master Trainer

Creator of House of J, James is passionate about mixing and dancing to music and thrives on helping others reach their fitness goals. He is also Gymbox Master Trainer for classes in the Look Better Naked category, and his boundless enthusiasm make his classes a favourite amongst members.

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