With a degree in Exercise Science and years of experience teaching under her belt as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Danielle brings an eclectic vibe to her classes. Fusing together functional training with exercises you'll recognise from other areas, expect to feel motivated, inspired and empowered to reach your goals. But don't be fooled by her friendly smile…


How does Gymbox as a brand reflect your personality?

Change. Things are always kept fresh at Gymbox and that's how I like to think of myself. I'm always keeping an eye on the trends in the fitness industry and trying things out for myself to see if they work or not. Oh, and we share a sense of humour…I think...

What music style describes you?

Anything with a good beat or baseline! I grew up in the Garage era so catchy lyrics work for me too!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Food, especially homemade chocolate. Tastes better than anything you can buy in the shop with no unwanted ingredients.

What is your favourite thing about Gymbox?

The vibe. From the outside you can barely tell that it's a gym. From the inside, we all know how hard we work!

Who is your favourite rockstar?

Pharrell Williams

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