Jessica M

Jessica M


A career in fitness evolved after Jess realised she got great satisfaction from passing on the feeling that dance and fitness gave her. She believes that goals are important but you have to enjoy the journey and fun fitness classes are the perfect way to do so.

Jess is now a qualified fitness instructor and teaches a variety of classes - basically anything which involves jumping around and sweating lots! Jess has presented at a number of events in the UK and has taken her presenting skills abroad in 2014.


How does Gymbox as a brand reflect your personality?

Fun, loud, creative and theatrical are words I would use to describe both my personality and Gymbox! Fun fitness is at the heart of what I do and Gymbox definitely advocates fun! I believe that fitness should be accessible for all and the 'anything goes' philosophy Gymbox embraces welcomes a mix of individuals which I love. Gymbox feeds my creative nature with its new ideas and keeping things fresh!

What music style describes you?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Reality TV, Pick n Mix at the cinema and Britney Spears.

What is your favourite thing about Gymbox?

The fact that it's awesome!

Who is your favourite rockstar?

Impossible decision!

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