New Classes for September

New Classes for September

Summer is officially over and a new season is upon us, so you know what this means? It’s time to shake up your schedule with a bundle of brand new classes to help get you into the best shape of your life. Are you ready?

Blackout your vision to improve mind/body connection and form during functional training. Split into three sections designed to improve your body awareness, reaction time and proprioception (The ability to know where our limbs are in space without having to look).

Monday 7:00pm, Bank / Monday 7:00pm, Victoria / Tuesday 1:00pm, Covent Garden / Tuesday 6:45pm, Holborn / Tuesday 7:00pm, Farringdon / Wednesday 6.15pm, Westfield London / Thursday 6:00pm, Westfield Stratford / Thursday 6:45pm, Old Street

A bodyweight HIIT class designed to test your mental strength. Combining team effort with individual competition, earn your colours and work as a team in a survival of the fittest sweat drench class.

Monday 6:15pm, Holborn / Monday 7:30pm, Westfield Stratford / Wednesday 1:30pm, Victoria / Wednesday 6:45pm, Bank / Thursday 12:00pm, Old Street / Thursday 5:45pm,Westfield London / Saturday 11:15am, Covent Garden

Relinquish control and be guided by your instructor on a journey to a state of euphoria. A visceral experience packed with high cadence training, heavy climbs, visualisation and hypnotic beats.

Monday 1:00pm, Victoria / Monday 6pm, Farringdon / Monday 6:15pm, Westfield London / Tuesday 6.00pm, Old Street / Wednesday 6.30pm, Bank / Wednesday 6.45pm, Holborn

A class to inspire confidence, spark your creativity and encourage experiment in yoga practice. Challenge your strength and flexibility by focusing on three new poses each week and learn how to integrate them into a flow. Not quite there yet? Don’t panic, come and learn strength drills and steps towards the final pose.

Monday 1:00pm, Old Street / Monday 7:45pm, Holborn / Tuesday 12:30pm, Bank / Tuesday 6:00pm, Westfield London / Wednesday Tuesday 6:15pm, Westfield Stratford / Tuesday 7.15pm, Farringdon / Thursday 6:00pm, Covent Garden / Saturday 12:00pm, Victoria

Fitness meets breakdancing in this full body workout combining functional exercise and basic elements of breakdancing. Improve endurance, strength, core stability, balance and coordination.

Tuesday 6:00pm, Holborn / Wednesday 6:15pm, Victoria / Wednesday 6:45pm, Covent Garden / Thursday 6:15pm, Bank / Thursday 7:45pm, Farringdon / Saturday 12.00pm, Westfield Stratford