Ammar Husseini


Growing up I was always infatuated with guys with muscles, plain and simple. When I was 6 years old I picked up a magazine and saw a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a double bicep pose and the rest was history. I started weight lifting at the age of 14 when my father bought me a gym membership as a birthday gift to try and help me pack on some ‘’meat’’. I started competing in the sport of bodybuilding as an amateur at the age of 23. I remember after my first show I fell in love with the sport even more, I loved the training, the self induced torture of it, and the fact that not a lot of people could do what I just accomplished what a feat in itself, and I loved every second of it. Nothing and I mean nothing gave me the same thrill as standing on stage and having all eyes on you as you display your masterpiece that you etched out from weeks of endless dieting, cardio, and training.I have experience in executing diet plans in accordance to workouts so that my clients derive the maximum benefit from an exercise regime. I specialize in Muscle building, Muscle Toning, Weight loss and core strength, and above everything else I am a great motivator. Nothing but Hard Work, Badass Nuts and Guts Training and Nutrition from my end.Contact Ammar today - 07934737285

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