James Mcgill


Achieving results is hard. If it were easy, we’d all be cleaning our clothes on our washboard abs. I’d like to think my training sessions epitomise this. They’re hard. But getting results demands we push ourselves, creating a somewhat love/hate relationship to working out – the process is tough, but you’ll love the result.I was introduced to this from playing rugby while I was growing up and being put through these love/hate training sessions. Rugby brought me into the fitness industry too. At 17 I was transitioning into senior rugby and I wanted to gain some weight to get stronger. Armed with the knowledge from a few fitness magazines and online articles I started to weight train and my interest for it has only continued to grow. Within two years I flew to Spain for an intensive course with the Australian Institute of Fitness becoming a fully qualified level 3 Personal Trainer.I've been personal training for nearly a decade now. I've learned a great deal in that time. Attending workshops from the UK Strength & Conditioning Association and becoming a British Weightlifting Coach were invaluable to me. Not to mention the lessons I've learned being a PT, lessons only experience can teach. One such lesson is the importance of having a scientifically grounded approach. With a lot of hyperbole in the fitness industry, only applying good scientific principles can you distinguish the good from the bad. I have successfully trained a variety of clients who have all wanted different things. Ranging from fat loss, building muscle, rehabbing injured shoulders or knees, conditioning for marathons & triathlons, prenatal training or just to enhancing health. Whatever your goal is get in touch, I’m sure I can help.

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