Jeremy Brooks


The human body is an amazing machine with the ability to move in many different ways. However, modern life encourages us to adopt bad movement patterns (sedentary and seated) which can prevent us moving as intended through dysfunction, stiffness and pain. As someone that has suffered and overcome serious back pain, Jeremy understands how debilitating dysfunction can be. As a certified movement specialist Jeremy's aim is to help his clients move better by adopting correct movement patterns and learning the motor skills required for them to enjoy a pain free and mobile life. Working with him you can expect fun but very challenging sessions tailored to your agreed goals whether they be weight loss/toning/rehab/strength training. As a seasoned triathlete and runner Jeremy understands the importance that functional Strength and Conditioning training plays on performance, injury prevention and outcome and push my clients to their limits in each session to gain the best results. For a complimentary trial session please contact me.

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