Nick Mason


Nick Gtn Mason is known as one of the leading bodyweight trainers (Calisthenics) in the UK, specialising in Bodyweight training in a style that you will not see anywhere else. Also founder of the growing fitness brand 'Gtn Fitness'.Because of his ability to help clients reach a level they once saw as impossible Nick has managed to become a highly sought after trainer, often training numerous celebrities, directors & athletes across the the globe. Not only is Nick a phenomenal Personal Trainer/Body Transformation Coach he also has a high level of nutritional knowledge. Many have said that the advice he has given has helped them to cure numerous disease's and restore great function within the human body.Nick is qualified at level 3 reps as a Personal Trainer and has many years of experience within the Health and Fitness industry. You have only got to search 'Nick Gtn Mason' on your internet browser to view the level he is on.

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