Well, with a name like that, you know it’s going to be more gnarly than nice. But what lung-busting surprises lie in store? As one of three classes designed for our Escalate Studio at Gymbox Victoria, you’ll push yourself on a rotating 3-week program of Aerobic, Lactic and VO2 max focused training. Sound a bit sciencey? That’s because it is. Using just four pieces of self-powered cardio equipment, you’ll force your body to start burning up fat as a primary energy source. In English: you’ll get fitter, faster with fantastic results.

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Aaron C

Aaron believes that everyone is an athlete, so everyone should perform and be coached like one. His passion for coaching with education and enthusiasm helps give his private clients and our members the results they want. Olympic lifting, gymnastics, engine work and flexibility are all skills of his own training that he implements though his classes.

Firas - Master Trainer

Firas found his passion for American Football 15 years ago, and has since won numerous championships as both a player and coach. Firas brings his enthusiasim and camaraderie to all his classes, and will undoubtedly bring out the inner athlete in you.

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