Kahra is a lively individual, who is never able to sit still for very long, which is expectable with a background in dance.

In Kahra’s mid-20s, she bit the bullet and made her hobbies her full time, qualifying as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, which she hasn't looked back on since! 


How does Gymbox as a brand reflect your personality?

Gymbox is serious about training hard, but in a fun way, brightly coloured and a little but nuts!

What music style best describes you? 

Hugely dependant on what I'm doing Gangster Rap in the car,

Dancehall in the club,

Garage and Grime when working out, (cardio and weights respectively)

Lovers Rock cleaning on a Sunday morning,

I could continue we'd be here a while...

What are your guilty pleasures?

Easy, carbohydrates and trainers.

Who are your favourite rock stars?

James Brown, Bob Marley, The Queen Bee and Drake. All game changers!

What is your favourite thing about Gymbox?

Good vibes and good people.

Classes taught