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1 Rep Max

Feel like a superhero in this ultimate test of strength. Focusing on three exercises – the squat, deadlift and shoulder press. This class will work on technique, movement quality and build you up to your 1RM making you feel like a Marvel monster.

Aerial Hoop

Ever felt like joining the circus? Maybe not, but this is close enough without a safety net. Twist & turn through the moves improving your balance, strength and performance skills, making you look like anything but a clown.

Aerial Pilates

These hammocks are not for sleeping. In this class you'll get all the benefits of Pilates but with the added ability to hold challenging postures longer and with less strain. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.

Aerial Yoga

We’ve taken yoga and twisted it on it’s head. Using a suspended sling to support the body, immerse yourself in the relaxing and creative approach of aerial yoga. Elongate muscles and decompress the spine with a session of upside down fun. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.


Ever wished you could start your mornings with a class set to the dulcet sounds of early Kanye and Busta Rhymes? Well your wishes have been granted. We present to you amRAP, an endurance based workout set to the tracks of legends that’ll get you more than ready to face the day.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is the most athletic and physically demanding form of yoga there is. You will be taken through a set series of postures that are linked dynamically to your breathing, generating heat and burning energy.

Aunt Liv

Now this is a story all about how funky jazz classes got flipped, turned upside down. The Prince may have been fresh, but Queen Viv was fierce – and we’ve found our very own Aunt ‘Liv’ to show you how to slay choreography in the key of sass. Expect comedy, storytelling and pure personality. See you in Bel-Air, yeah?


Whether you’re new to the weight room or have your eye on competing, we’re going to get your lifting technique refined at lightning speed – perfecting quicker, faster and better driven movement.


Badass is the next level workout for your derriere! Be prepared to lift, squeeze and burn your way through this glute and leg workout....just the kick up the ass you needed!


Balates evolves the dancer's workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with all the benefits of Pilates: building core flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abs, arms, hips and back.

Barbell Club

Learn how to clean, squat and press in our closed conditioning studios. Add weight and build confidence throughout the class and complete the session with a metcon finisher. 


Don’t let the tutu clichés fool you: Barre is the tough ballet workout that’ll hand you your derrière on a plate. Combining dynamic and static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and stretching, this is a class that keeps you on your toes – giving you a longer, leaner, stronger body and improved postural awareness. No ballet experience is needed!


Set the barre even higher. Using ballet barre routines with the addition of kettlebells, this class enhances toning and conditioning to help you become leaner, stronger and fitter.


A gym goer walks into a bar… and walks off looking pumped. This is a hard core strength and conditioning workout from the streets using only the bars and your bodyweight. Take on our own indoor park frames and Olympic Rings to experience GymBox from it’s roots.


Prepare for battle with high intensity training. Whip the battle ropes, swing the sandbells and bust out your warrior cry. Ideal for athletes looking to improve power and endurance. For first timers and the fitness fanatic.

Bike & Beats

If the thought of 45 minutes on a spin bike freaks you out, you have not experienced the right kind of spin class! Bike & Beats, as the title suggests, uses proper bangin' beats and focuses on the rhythm of the music to help you not only forget you're exercising but also to enjoy your time in the saddle.

Bodyweight Bandits

Full body conditioning using nothing more than bodyweight on our indoor park frames. How long can you hang from the pull-up bar before your grip gives up? Workouts are all scalable and are for every fitness level.


Thought you knew your own mind? Take it up the ASMR class and feel your brain get blown. As we whisper sweet nothings and storytelling into your headphones, your head triggers spine-tingling reactions in the most experimental guided meditation you’ve ever had. Happy endings guaranteed.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses on ground fighting and grappling using leverage, joint-locking and choke holds to beat an opponent. These techniques can be used by someone weaker and smaller to beat a larger, stronger assailant – proving that size really doesn't matter! That is good news, eh, guys?


BREXFIT consists of a series of high-intensity exercises specially aimed at maximising frustration release, the class puts our politicians in the firing line by challenging gym-goers to unload their Brexit anger (or anything else for that matter).

Budokon Yoga

Budokon combines yoga, martial arts, meditation and animal movements! It will improve your strength, flexibility, control and balance, this combination of training elements is unique, fun and challenging. Open to all levels.

Buti Yoga

A movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body, training the core using the Spiral Structure technique.


It doesn’t get more dope than this. A recovery focused class with the added benefit of CBD patches to help with inflammation - a joint approach to aid your recovery from your static 9-5.


Prepare to take on the dinosaurs with your bare hands. This session strips it right back to basics with kit that ranges from chains to sandbags. A back to basics approach to exercise designed around animalistic techniques. It includes explosive, plyometric, agility and speed training fit for a caveman.


Swap the treadmill for the ropes and learn the training techniques of professional circus aerialists in this ultimate fitness acrobatic workout. With conditioning aerial moves, bar and body weight exercises you’ll feel like you’re ready for the big top. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.


Your dreams have been answered! A gym class designed for chilling out. Every day is an information overload, so this class gives you that rare occasion of complete recovery using guided meditation and a chance to relax in the cocoon of the hammock. The one and only class where you’re supposed to switch off. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.

Combat Conditioning

A muscular endurance workout incorporating combat sport movement. Ideal for fighters or combat enthusiasts looking to improve overall fitness.


Live for the dancefloor? Our Commercial class is the place to slay killer choreography to the freshest chart releases! Open to dancers of every level, you’ll work the studio with high-energy movement and stylised details, bringing your alter ego out to play for the ultimate performance.


Learn the splits in style as you improve flexibility and core strength learning backbends and forward bends. This class will benefit everyone from yogis to functional trainers and give progression to all our aerial enthusiasts. Work into tight muscle areas and get your bend on trend.


Never miss another leg day. This workout will give you the kick you need with guided heavy bag boxing and kick routines that improve your cardiovascular fitness, overall fitness and muscle tone. If you’re into combat sports this will get you pumped for your next bout in the ring. Bring your own gloves.


If you’re a beginner boxer, this class will help you to punch above your weight. CounterPunch will improve your cardiovascular fitness, overall fitness and muscle tone with basic boxing techniques. Floyd Mayweather, eat your heart out! Bring your own gloves

Cycle Connect

Power based classes using Coach By Colour® & ICG Connect® Riding connected IC7 bikes, you will work as a collective to achieve a predetermined goal of distance and combined power or battle it out in teams to achieve the greatest power output. Live data fed back to you throughout the class in a visual and creative way.


Get in, get it done, get out. This 30-minute journey through colors aims for a 'close to threshold' intensity for the main body of the class, finishing with max power (the cyclone!)


Learn how to whine, roll, drop, rock and isolate your body to the hottest dancehall rhythms. Inspired by the dance halls and underground clubs of the Caribbean where it all began, sweat it out in this infectious sexy, empowering and expressive dance class.

Digital Detox

Slave to the continuous scroll? Notorious phubber? Itching to Google what that even means? Take the first step to tackling your tech addiction at Digital Detox. Engaging your five senses through Yin Yoga and meditation, this class is a strict no-phone-zone – taking you far from glowing screens, follows and FOMO in search of real human connection.

Drill Sergeant

Get your ass in line and march yourself into this drill sergeant led circuit class. Expect no let-ups as you are put through your paces in a series of intense military fitness drills.


Escalate classes are a combination of functional fitness and HIIT training. You will move through the grid and out onto the 30m turf and track as the class increases in intensity throughout the 45 minutes.

False Grip

Get a grip with this studio-based gymnastic rings class. You'll focus on mobility and improving upper body and core strength while practicing the fundamental movements to apply to progressions on the rings.


Unleash your inner tigress, embrace your sensuality and be unapologetically "femme" in this beautifully blended class that uses elements of vogue, jazz, commercial and floor work. Boost your confidence, tone and condition your body and feel sexy whilst doing it to the best of soulful house music.


Flatline, the hardest and most dangerous gym class in the world, launched by Gymbox. Created by experienced Gymbox trainers and leading endurance experts, Flatline aims to test all elements of strength and stamina with increasingly difficult tasks over a 45 minute period.

Frame Fitness

Get in the frame of mind for an alternative to traditional gym. Sack off the treadmill and take on the key elements for fitness - pulling, pushing, climbing and lifting. It’s time to say no to boring gym sessions.

Functional Bodybuilding

Functional Bodybuilding prioritises quality of movement over max repetitions. We’ll help you move, look and feel better by working with increased Time Under Tension and focusing on perfecting movement mechanics.


No pain, no gain! Pump some serious iron in this weight based training class. Focusing on strength training, muscle bulking and learn how to tackle those heavier lifts. No experience, no problem.

Gonged Out

Staring into a commuter’s armpit on another overcrowded tube, you find yourself asking: surely there’s more than this? You’d better believe it. Escape the realities of your 9-5 in the deep vibrations of the Gong – a psychedelic trip to levels of consciousness in meditative realms yet unexplored. Sink into the hammock. Say yes to the snooze. Stay woke… even if you drift off.


Ever fancied a bout with the best boxers in London? Give it a try in our world-famous boxing club and get coached by the pro's for a match made in heaven.  The bragging rights are all yours. BYO boxing gloves / bag mitts.

Gymboxing & Sparring

Learn to box in your very own, boxing club coached by the best pro boxers in London, then put the techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled light sparring session. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.

Gymboxing INT/ADV

A technique focused class on how to counter attack and defend punches. Light technique sparring, body sparring and isolation sparring to help you prepare for a full contact sparring session..... Minimum 3-6 months training required for this class please see class instructor for assessment. BYO boxing gloves

Gymboxing Sparring

You've learnt the noble art of boxing under the expert guidance of Gymbox coaches. Now put the techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.


Who doesn’t love a bit of vintage? We’re bringing the gymnastic workouts of the 1950s back in a movement and apparatus circuit that works up a jolly good sweat. From balance beams and mushroom circles to vaults and climbing ladders, it’s heart-racing gone retro. Who knew PE class could be this much fun?

Gymnastic Conditioning

Ever seen olympic gymnasts somersault across the room? Don’t worry, we won’t make you do that. This gymnastic class is for strength, conditioning and skill development learning moves like handstand walks, muscle ups and rope climbs. Who needs an olympic medal when you have your own?


Firm up your mid-section with this intense burst of torso toning, improving your core strength, balance and posture.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha focuses on improving strength, flexibility and endurance in equal measure. A gentle yet demanding class for mind, body and soul. The perfect antidote to urban life.


Focus on increasing your cardiovascular threshold and muscular endurance alternating between weight training and cardio. Taking a full body approach, we work through every major muscle group to tone, define and strengthen.

Invert Yourself

Loosen up with our aerial hammocks by working on upper body and core strength. The inversions will help relieve spinal tension, and maintain a good posture. This upside down class is enough to make monkeys jealous. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.

K1 Fighters Club

The focal point of K1 Fighters Club is on kick-boxing techniques, various hand combinations, and kicks that complement Muay Thai for competitions. It is mainly a competition focused class that helps prepare for inter-clubs, White Collar Fight Club and the biggest Muay Thai show in the world, MTGP. Classes are invite only, you will need to attend K1 Kickboxing and ask your coach. Shin pads, groin guard, head guard and mouth guard needed.

K1 Kickboxing

K1 Kickboxing combines the most effective stand up fighting strategies from Kickboxing, karate, kempo, traditional boxing and muay thai techniques. Expect glove and shin pad boxing, kicking drills, low kick shields, heavy bag work and fitness training get ready to train hard. BYO GLOVES


Kettlebells is a hardcore workout, and when we say hardcore we literally mean Russian Military training. This class will work every major muscle, build power and shred body fat Red Army style.

Kettlebells Circuit

This all action kettlebell class will build core strength and improve muscular endurance. Our regime works every major muscle in your body whilst providing an intense metabolic workout for burning fat. No tea breaks with these kettles!

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jujutsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training.

L1 White Collar Fight Club

Learn defence and attacks through sparring drills and light body sparring. The class is pitched at a beginner level, ideal for anyone looking to build up confidence for a full sparring session. BYO: Boxing gloves and hand wraps.

L2 White Collar Fight Club

Put your techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session. This will be a full body spar with coaching and feedback to get you ready for your own bout in the ring. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.

Ladies Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses on ground fighting and grappling using leverage, joint-locking and choke holds to beat an opponent. This one is just for the ladies.


Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or MetCons for short, are fast paced, high intensity workouts completed in a short period of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat. Walk in, crawl out.


Right now MMA is all the rage! (That is until McGregor tried his hand at boxing.) True to Gymbox form, anything goes in the ring or on the mats! Go in hard with grappling, takedowns and striking. Just keep control of your ego.

Muay Thai

Direct from Thailand, our pro boxing ring and heavy pads are used as participants work on defensive and offensive punching, kicking and elbowing skills. All Levels. BYO Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai & Sparring

Learn Thai boxing skills under the guidance of Gymbox's Team Tieu coaches, then put the techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session, learn counters, defence, fakes, attacks and competition training. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard, shin guards and mouth shield.

Muay Thai Beginners

Direct from Thailand, the pro boxing ring and heavy pads are used as participants work on defensive and offensive punching, kicking and elbowing skills. Beginner Level.... BYO Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Fighters Club

Take your Muay Thai training to the next level with Team Tieu. These classes are competition focused and help prepare you for inter-clubs, White Collar Fight Club and the biggest Muay Thai show in the world, MTGP. Classes will be invite only, you will need to attend Muay Thai and ask your coach. Shin pads, groin guard, head guard and mouth guard needed.

Muay Thai INT/ADV

Direct from Thailand, the pro boxing ring and heavy pads are used as participants work on defensive and offensive kicking and elbowing skills. Intermediate - Advanced Level. BYO Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Sparring

You've learnt Thai boxing skills under the guidance of Gymbox's Team Tieu coaches, now put the techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session. BYO: Boxing Gloves, Handrwaps, Headguard, Shinguards and Mouth Shield.


No-Gi is a controlled grappling class without the traditional uniform (Gi). Ideal for anyone looking to improve the take down and grappling element of their mixed martial art training.

OCR Training

Get your sweat on with this high intensity obstacle course training class. From Spartan Race to Tough Mudder, this class takes on the skills and training required to get you around any obstacle race. Think you’re tough enough?

Paddleboard Yoga

A class focussed on balance and core work using a yoga board, taking traditional yoga and moving it onto an unstable environment similar to the increasingly popular practice of SUP yoga without getting wet!


These hammocks are not for sleeping. In this class you'll get all the benefits of Pilates but with the added ability to hold challenging postures longer and with less strain.

Pole Tricks

Achieve your pole goals in this technique focused pole dancing class. Tone and strengthen your entire body whilst learning climbs, spins, transitions and inversions. #polegoals


Never miss a beat while you sculpt, tone and drum your way to a leaner physique. This hybrid cardio session fuses cardio, pilates and simulated drumming - all whilst rocking out to your favourite beats!


A preparation based class that will take you through a series of exercises to help achieve a greater range of mobility and flexibility. The perfect complement to one of your favourite functional or strength-based training classes, such as Frame Fitness, 1 Rep Max, Kettlebells and Gains.


Time to check yourself into Rehab. Get a full body MOT, and education behind why you might have those aches and pains. Rehab is a chance to scan your body for imbalances, and focus on maintenance and recovery.

Ripped & Stripped

Get ripped fast in this weight based workout class. Sculpt and define your body using low weight high rep techniques to the sound of pumping tunes. Despite the name, we recommend keeping on your undies!

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga, also known as 'The Rocket', is a style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during the 1980s. Rocket Yoga is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice of yoga. Schultz's yoga was first called "Rocket Yoga" by Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, because “it gets you there faster".

Rolling With My Yogis

Meet the new prop on the block: This cool little piece of kit opens up your chest, gets those hips flexin’ and makes you roll deep into your practice. You’ll bump up your strength, stability and style. Form poses to perfect your backbends and align your spine with your body and body with your mind.

Row 30

Row30 combines rowing intervals on water-based rowing machines for the perfect balance of cardio and strength training. New to rowing? Don’t sweat it – we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Learn the skill of pacing, how to build your engine and unlock speed using your body’s natural biomechanics. Backed by sports science and supported by creative technology, our programmes are for everyone, from athletes wanting to improve their fitness, to competitors aiming for the top of their sport. Rowing uses virtually every muscle in the body, increases aerobic capacity, develops power and builds strength – mentally as well as physically.


There’s no such thing as pleasure without pain. Stretch & Massage those hard to reach muscles through guided myofascial release techniques. This class is perfect after a hard and sweaty workout. Whips and chains optional.


A sensual sweaty flow using yoga, movement and tantric breathing to reconnect with the innately powerful self. Experiment with a different kind of self-pleasure. Learn how to self-love. Embrace every part of your beautiful body… then release all that sexual energy with a shuddering Sexhale. (bring socks)


Born straight out of the 70’s underground club scene. Shway is a full body dance using footwork, hip and chest isolations with distinctive and ultra-powerful arms! Achieve flow, precision, power and the freedom to express yourself fearlessly, to the best of disco, soul, garage and house music.


Bulk like the incredible Hulk. This series tests the many disciplines it takes to become a competitive strongman. A typical session could see you flipping tyres, pressing logs or pushing weighted sleds! Go heavy or go home.


Legendary bouts. Low blows. Ear biting. Boxing’s seen some things in its time, but never an undisputed champion quite like this. Sucker Punch is your chance to square up to the Spar Bar: a relentless training gadget that tests your reactions, ups your defence… and makes you soon regret it if you don’t. (bring your own gloves)


A legal high without any nasty come downs! Superfly is our gravity defying workout where you strap into a harness and suspend from the ceiling to float, bounce, glide and fly through our latest addition to the aerial series category powered by Bungee Super Fly®

Surfset Yoga

I mean, Baywatch bods were all built by surfboards. Obviously. So by using the unstable platform, it forces you to engage your core & stabiliser muscles and voila. Beach ready.

Sweat to the Beat

Work hard, sweat even harder. Challenge your strength, balance and mind with this 45 minute high octane body-sculpting workout. Target every major muscle group in the body, whilst sweating it out to the hottest beats around.


Well, with a name like that, you know it’s going to be more gnarly than nice. But what lung-busting surprises lie in store? As one of three classes designed for our Escalate Studio at Gymbox Victoria, you’ll push yourself on a rotating 3-week program of Aerobic, Lactic and VO2 max focused training. Sound a bit sciencey? That’s because it is. Using just four pieces of self-powered cardio equipment, you’ll force your body to start burning up fat as a primary energy source. In English: you’ll get fitter, faster with fantastic results.

Threshold Run

Partial to pounding a few pavements? Bring your running shoes indoors and push your PB to a whole new level with Threshold RUN. Building on the principles of our regular Threshold class, you’ll work on a rotating 3-week running programme focused on Aerobic, Lactic and VO2 max prioritised training. Aka, your route to better fitness and faster fat burning. We’ll even coach you on your running form, style and efficient mechanics while we’re at it. All we ask in return is that your running shorts leave at least something to the imagination.


Prepare to get those thighs of steel in Thunder, a class that focuses on the quads and glutes to create the physique of a 90’s Thigh Masters dream. Expect a guest appearance from the iconic gear itself, and to get the lower body you’ve always dreamed of.


Swing into shape in our all action Trapeze class. Learn the ropes with intense strength and balance as you create high flying choreographed routines and take on the Trapeze with ease. Remember to wear tight clothes if you want to avoid friction burns. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.


Trilactic is one of three classes designed for our Escalate Studio at Gymbox Victoria designed to optimise all three corners of your physical fitness. Tri-Lactic focuses on, as the name suggests, your lactic energy system. You’ll work in a team of three, through three stations - one strength, one self powered cardio and one agility.


Become a lean, mean, athletic machine! Developed by a top Navy Seal commander, this workout will increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance & core stability using the TRX suspension kit that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete exercises.

Ultimate Fit

Get your kicks in this fast-paced, high-intensity, MMA workout. Expect real MMA drills in a class that really packs a punch.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This form of Yoga offers clear sequencing and a more energetic pace. Vinyasa is great for increasing strength and flexibility whilst harnessing concentration. Every Vinyasa teacher at Gymbox brings their unique experience to tailor a complete holistic workout based on the class' needs.


Never skip a beat in our body weight and skipping exercise class. Develop your techniques by improving balance, coordination and footwork whilst achieving a full body workout that cranks up your cardio.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga targets deep connective tissues of the body, by holding poses for 3-5 minutes. A more meditative approach to yoga to complement more active forms of yoga and exercise, calm your mind and regulate the flow of energy in the body.

Yoga For Lifting

A yoga class dedicated to improving your range of movement by targeting mobility in your shoulders, lower back and hips. Perfect for improving your one rep max.

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