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  • Aerial Series
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  • Sweat Drench
  • Creative Classes

Aerial Hoop

If you’re after a full-body workout that leaves your comfort zone six feet down, hop onto the hoop and unleash your inner Cirque du Soleil. Even if just getting up there seems a bit of a performance at first, we promise you won’t want to come down… the results are just as dramatic.

Aerial Pilates

If traditional Pilates doesn’t get you floating on air, this one couldn’t make it any easier for you. Spend a stretch in the hammock and get a lift that gets you all lithe. This is the class with your core at its core and where gravity-induced comedown is your only concern. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.

Aerial Yoga

We all know Yoga helps you to feel more grounded, but we love turning fitness on its head. Say Namast-hey to the hammock at Aerial Yoga: the class that puts gravity out on its Asana in favour of a flow that floats you a few feet from the ground. Om-G. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.


Start the day right with an endurance workout that couldn’t be more self-explanatory if we tried. It’s a morning session to help you bust as many reps as possible with a speed rap soundtrack to help you on your way. Get that full body sweat on and roll into your daily routine like a G.

Ashtanga Yoga

Thought it was badass to lift weights? Imagine a workout so deep that even your breath feels the burn. For a more athletic, strength-based flow, work your way through postures that are dynamically synced with your every gasp. Holistic has never been so hardcore.

Aunt Liv

Now this is a story all about how funky jazz classes got flipped, turned upside down. The Prince may have been fresh, but Queen Viv was fierce – and we’ve found our very own Aunt ‘Liv’ to show you how to slay choreography in the key of sass. Expect comedy, storytelling and pure personality. See you in Bel-Air, yeah?


Whether you’re new to the weight room or have your eye on competing, we’re going to get your lifting technique refined at lightning speed – perfecting quicker, faster and better driven movement with the help of B.O.L.T’s cutting-edge technology.


The name ain’t just for fun. You’re about to squeeze, squat, lift and burn your way through a class that whoops your ass to give you glutes of steel and thighs of iron. Get through this on the regular and it’s not just your butt that feels hard as nails.


Whoever said fusing ballet and pilates wouldn’t work clearly hasn’t seen our glutes. Combining barre work with conditioning training, Balates hits the sweet spot between a dancer’s workout and mat work with the strength and poise of a weightlifter in a tutu. Buns of steel? Try titanium loaves, mate. ?


Get your name on the list and practice your pulling technique at the only club that’ll get you cleaning, squatting and pressing like a pro. If the free weights area isn’t really your thing, this is where you’ll build the confidence to own the floor – all while getting hot and sweaty with fit strangers. Strict no smart shoes policy.


Keep your kettlebell training fresh with a workout that really keeps you on your toes. Blending ballet barre training with your weights, this is a tough toning and conditioning workout you’re going to feel for days. Less nutcracker, more butt-whipper.


Go for something a bit stronger in this hardcore conditioning workout with a twist. There’s no weights at our bar – just the perfect blend of pull ups, push ups, dips and lunges at our indoor park frame. It’s bodyweight training served straight up – and the only hangover being the throb in your muscles the next day.


Grab your weapons. Whether you wage war with ropes, sandbells or kettlebells, this is a workout for true warriors. We’re talking peak power, epic endurance and hardcore HIIT for aspiring athletes, fitness fanatics and first-timers alike. Get practicing your battle cry. It’s about to go down.


Looking for a bodyweight HIIT and weighted conditioning in a single workout? You absolute animal. Thankfully, we are too – and this class is just the thing. Taking a full body approach, target every major muscle and build up your cardio endurance with a workout designed to go full beast.

Bike & Beats

Bike & Beats is the class to make spin everyone’s thing, with playlists to get you pumped, and climbs, sprints and jumps to seriously crank your cardio training up a gear. Whether you’re more used to pushing pedals or pounding the dancefloor, you’ll soon find your rhythm at this multicoloured mash up.

Bodyweight Bandits

Brutally sweaty. Criminally tough. This lot are such gluttons for punishment that you probably wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley. But hang around the frame together and you’ll soon crack the fundamentals of pull ups, push ups lunges and dips with just your bodyweight. All pros, no cons.


Thought you knew your own mind? Take it up the ASMR class and feel your brain get blown. As we whisper sweet nothings and storytelling into your headphones, your head triggers spine-tingling reactions in the most experimental guided meditation you’ve ever had. Happy endings guaranteed.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fancy getting hot and sweaty with some on-the-ground grappling? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the self-defensive martial art that means whatever your ability, opponent or size… you’ll build up more strength in your fingers than some people have in their entire body. Feel the power.


BREXFIT consists of a series of high-intensity exercises specially aimed at maximising frustration release, the class puts our politicians in the firing line by challenging gym-goers to unload their Brexit anger (or anything else for that matter).

Budokon Yoga

You know how it is. Sometimes you want to feel the strength of a deep yogic stretch. Other times, you want to release your way of the spiritual warrior. This is the only class that allows you to do both: blending the power of martial arts with the serenity of meditative movement for a killer sense of calm.

Buti Yoga

If you’ve got the feet for a beat and a feel for the flow, we’ve got the class to fuel your most primal urges. Fusing power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, this high-intensity workout is flexin’ sweaty and so butilicious. Can you handle it?


Live for the dancefloor? Our music-video inspired commercial class is the place to choreograph killer routines that Beyonce herself would sell her best weave for. Open to dancers of every level, you’ll work the studio with high-detail, high-energy moves to the freshest chart releases. Come shake whatever you’ve got.


Well, it doesn’t get more dope than this. Introducing the only recovery-focused class with the added benefit of CBD. Pop on a patch, target those trigger points and feel the high of muscular relaxation and release. It’s always worth the trip.

Cavemen & Neandergals

Ditch your prehistoric training programme and listen to your body’s most primal urges. This Caveman-style circuit class goes back to basics – using intense obstacle-based HIIT circuit training to give you hunter-gatherer agility, animalistic speed and the strength to take down an angry mammoth if required. All essential skills for London life.

Cirque It

Think circus tricks are for clowns? This is where fitness goes rogue. If you’re serious about giving aerial a fair crack of the whip, this is exactly where you need to be. We'll help you build the power of a lion, the bravery of a daredevil and the upper body strength of an acrobat – there’s a reason they call it the Big Top. Please remove all jewellery beforehand.


Had a day that feels like one long expletive? Want to curl up in a ball and escape the horrors of adulting? Why not turn it into a more positive experience, by doing it in the comfort of a hammock Cocoon. Chill out. Switch off. Whatever the world’s thrown at you, there’s a meditative stretch for that here.


Big on backbends, focused on flexibility – it’s yoga, but with a twist. Whether you’re looking to build your strength, tone up for aerial or fulfil your dream of becoming a human pretzel, loosen up and let yourself go. You’ll want to be in it for the long stretch.


Kick the sh*t out of bad form and fight your way towards phenomenal fitness with a training session that gets you sweating from head to toe. With heavy bag boxing, kicking and combat-style HIIT, punch up the power, agility and speed you need to bout in style. Goodbye Bruce Banner. Hello Bruce Lee. BYO gloves.


Whether you’re looking forward to brushing up your agility or building the fitness to conquer a staircase, Counterpunch is the class you need in your corner. From hard HIITing cardio to heavy bag work, you’re going to batter those basics and punch up your power like the champ you are. BYO gloves.


Toto, this spin class ain’t in Kansas no more. Brace yourself for 30 minutes of extreme sweating in the saddle as you sprint, climb and jump through the force of the Cyclone. Ride through the toughest intensity you can take… before whacking it up just that little more. You’ll never be happier to head home when it's over.


Looking for the perfect spot to whine and grind? It’s pure ragga, bashment and dancehall riddims on the menu here. With every bend, arch, shake, dip and twerk, you’ll see how it feels when fitness gets fierce. With a sweat-drenching workout like this, the Caribbean climate is a closer than you think.


Long stretches of cardio a sentence you’d rather avoid? In thirty short minutes, get a full-body workout that smashes through interval training, builds your strength and makes you sweat like your life depends on it. Whether you’re a newbie or an old-timer, you’ll find retribution here.

Digital Detox

Slave to the continuous scroll? Notorious phubber? Itching to Google what that even means? Take the first step to tackling your tech addiction at Digital Detox. Engaging your five senses through Yin Yoga and meditation, this class is a strict no-phone-zone – taking you far from glowing screens, follows and FOMO in search of real human connection.

Drill Sergeant

We won’t ask why you like a strict authoritarian crackdown on your training, you absolute sadist… but you’d better turn up ready to work. This is military fitness with no holds barred – hardcore circuits with a tongue-lashing pushing you over the finish line. It’s open to all levels of fitness, but don’t expect to stand at ease.


Functional, HIIT, circuits and track sprints? Ouch. If you’re looking for a class that’ll leave you knackered, aching and hilariously sweaty, you’ve hit the jackpot. Move from station to station as the intensity kicks up a gear each round. You'll wonder how things escalated so quickly.

Extinction Training

If you’re still not feeling the burn of this climate emergency, you soon will – in an apocalyptic class that brutally exposes body and mind to the harsh realities of our future world. Experience the scorching heat, restricted air, extreme conditions and lack of water in a programme that makes our need to survive suddenly, terrifyingly real.

False Grip

The thought of an intense upper body sesh make your stomach flip? Come on, get a grip. This studio-based gymnastics rings class is an ideal place to start – working on core strength and basic movements until you have the confidence to freak out other first-timers with your amazing skills.


Experience the unstoppable force of pure feminine fierceness. This beautifully blended class is where your inner tigress comes to play – working elements of vogue, jazz, commercial and floor to the sound of soulful house. Embrace your sensuality. Condition and tone your body. Unleash the empowering sexiness of being unapologetically femme.


We call it that because it leaves you for dead. The evil brainchild of Gymbox sadists and endurance experts, this is the hardest and most dangerous gym class in the world; progressively pushing you through every test of strength and stamina until you drop. Is that your instructor calling you over the finish line, or God? Who knows…


Don’t just take to the dancefloor. OWN it. Unleash the slowest, sexiest and most confident moves you’ve ever pulled as you slide, grind and squeeze your knee pads in choreographed routines set to the hottest R&B jams. Expect to leave with a crush on your own reflection.

Functional Bodybuilding

A wise Austrian terminator once said that the best activities for your health are pumping and humping. While we can only promise one of them, we’re going to make sure that single rep is the best of your life. It’s all about quality over quantity – nailing your movement and time under tension to build strength and technique.

Gain Train

All aboard the gain train. Whether you need expert tips to tone up your technique or if solo free weights sessions just aren’t your thing, this is the class where you can learn to lift heavy, build bulk and multiply muscle mass. Earn that #progress on your next round of gym spam.

Gonged Out

Staring into a commuter’s armpit on another overcrowded tube, you find yourself asking: surely there’s more than this? You’d better believe it. Escape the realities of your 9-5 in the deep vibrations of the Gong – a psychedelic trip to levels of consciousness in meditative realms yet unexplored. Sink into the hammock. Say yes to the snooze. Stay woke… even if you drift off.


Starting boxing from scratch? The gloves are on and London's pros are primed to pass on all the tips and techniques you need to come out swinging. Get to grips with the rules. Do your thing in the ring. Start your journey to every world title going. Ding, ding – ROUND ONE. BYO Boxing gloves/bag mitts.

Gymboxing & Sparring

You’ve nailed the basics with our Gymbox coaches and now you’re spoiling for a fight. Put the sweet science of everything you’ve learned into practice at this controlled sparring session that lets you swing til you’re winning. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.

Gymboxing INT/ADV

Starting boxing from scratch? The gloves are on and London's pros are primed to pass on all the tips and techniques you need to come out swinging. Get to grips with the rules. Do your thing in the ring. Start your journey to every world title going. Ding, ding – ROUND ONE. Minimum 3-6 months training required for this class please see class instructor for assessment. BYO Boxing gloves/bag mitts.


Who doesn’t love a bit of vintage? We’re bringing the gymnastic workouts of the 1950s back in a movement and apparatus circuit that works up a jolly good sweat. From balance beams and mushroom circles to vaults and climbing ladders, it’s heart-racing gone retro. Who knew PE class could be this much fun?

Gymnastic Conditioning

Flip the bird to boring workouts. Welcome to skill-based gymnastics training for anyone who gives a tuck about building strength and full-body fitness. Kipping it heavy on the conditioning, you’ll learn floor work techniques for handstand walks, muscle ups, rope climbs and give your body a right good pommelling.


If you thought the name was inspired by the killer abs you’re going to get from this class, we’ve got bad news. Try the killer workout you crunch, twist and plank through to get there. This is one mad assault on your middle that definitely earns that 6 pack. (And the one in the fridge.)

Hatha Yoga

Reality kicking you where it hurts? Consider this your antidote to urban life. Through a deliciously slow and focused flow, we’ll ease your body and rebalance your mind – while more challenging poses build your endurance and strength. This is yoga that anyone can try, so come and hatha go if you’re calm enough.

Invert Yourself

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. This is where flexual deviants come to swing every which way and explore their every inversion. Release the tension. Discover your creative side. You know, there’s a reason they call it playtime for adults.


Can I kick it? If you’re still stuck on “Erm, maybe?” just give it a few sessions of this beginners’ level kickboxing. Blending belting fighting strategies from the best combat disciplines in the world, this solid sweat-fest will build your confidence to say yes, you bloody well can. BYO gloves.

Kickboxing Fighters Club

The focal point of Kickboxing Fighters Club is on kick-boxing techniques, various hand combinations, and kicks that complement Muay Thai for competitions. It is mainly a competition focused class that helps prepare for inter-clubs, White Collar Fight Club and the biggest Muay Thai show in the world, MTGP. Classes are invite only, you will need to attend K1 Kickboxing and ask your coach. Shin pads, groin guard, head guard and mouth guard needed.

Kickboxing Sparring

You've learnt the skills in Kickboxing now put the techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.

Killer Combat

If training montages have taught us anything, it’s that putting yourself through anaerobic hell is a the best way to win. Whether you’re kicking training up a few notches in prep for a fight or just like more workouts a bit tougher than most, try a combat circuit that would make even Rocky cry. BYO Boxing Gloves/Bag Mitts

Krav Maga

Just because Action & Adventure rules your Netflix algorithm, it doesn’t mean you’re qualified to take on the next bloodthirsty assassin that’s bound to come your way. Get oblivion-ready with the hardcore modern street defence of Krav Maga : the ruthlessly effective technique that come Israeli military and Jason Bourne-approved.

L1 White Collar Fight Club

So we all know the first rule. But as for the rest? This is where you’ll find out. If you’re new to the ring there’s no better place to get to grips with your gloves – nailing drills, techniques and sparring until you're shadowboxing in your sleep. BYO boxing gloves and hand wraps.

L2 White Collar Fight Club

Put your techniques and combinations to the test in this controlled sparring session. This will be a full body spar with coaching and feedback to get you ready for your own bout in the ring. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.

Ladies Only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

If there’s anyone who knows how to grapple with life’s low blows and being blocked at every turn, it’s women, amirite? If you’re a new girl to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this is where you can build confidence among Gi-friends – cracking the basics from joint locks to chokes before rolling into a mixed session.


Short, quick and hotter than hell – there’s no messing about with MetCon. In just thirty minutes of solid HIIT, you’ll test your lung capacity and conquer your cardio quota like the endorphin-crazed machine you are. The no-nonsense way to walk in and crawl out.


You know how the saying goes: Jack of all trades, absolute hard b*stard. No? Okay, maybe it only applies to Mixed Martial Arts. Either way. Whatever level you’re at, if you’re a Jack or Jill with some cage rage to let loose, this is where anything goes.

Muay Thai

Looking to join a new boxing Kru? Say Sawa Dee to Muay Thai – high energy workout with all the sweatiness of those far Eastern shores. Pop on your pads and hop in the ring to work on defensive and offensive kicks, punches and clinches. It’s definitely not for wimps. BYO Boxing gloves/bag mitts.

Muay Thai & Sparring

Ready to grapple with those mad Muay Thai skills you've been learning? Expect to be expertly guided through every technique and combo you need in a sparring session: from counters, defence, fakes and attacks to full-blown competition training. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard, shin guards and mouth shield.

Muay Thai Beginners

Muay, oh Muay. Don't know your Ajarn from your elbow pad? This beginners class is definitely the one for you. Suitable for all levels and abilities, come grapple with the essential punches, kicks and strikes at a pace that suits you. BYO boxing gloves.

Muay Thai Fighters Club

Anything goes at Gymbox – erm, except for Muay Thai Fighters Club. Sorry. A work-out for fully established warriors, these competition-focused bouts are invitation-only: getting you ready to do your thing in front of the much bigger crowds. Ready to go? BYO shin pads, groin guard, head guard and mouth guard.

Muay Thai INT/ADV

Scream if you wanna throw faster? For those with a intermediate/advanced experience, the pace of this class lets you work on all your defensive, offensive, elbows and knees so you can be the Nuk Soo you were made to be. It’s gonna get sweaty. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard, shin guards and mouth shield.

Muay Thai Sparring

Ready to unleash those Muay Thai techniques you've been learning? Welcome to the class where the more intermediate/advanced warriors can crack out their combos for expert sparring: from counters, defence, fakes and attacks to epic takedowns. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard, shin guards and mouth shield.

No Holds Barre

Don’t let the tutu clichés fool you: Barre is the tough ballet workout that’ll hand you your derrière on a plate. Combining dynamic and static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and stretching, this is a class that keeps you on your toes – giving you a longer, leaner, stronger body and improved postural awareness. No ballet experience is needed!


Finding takedowns hard to grapple with? This ground-based class sacks off the Gi kit and forgoes the formalities of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in favour of something that sits between self-defence and martial arts. The floor is yours.

OCR Training

It’s Tough Mudder without the mud. Spartan Racing without the spartans. Total Wipeout without the international humiliation. But it’s still one of the toughest workouts you’ll endure. Hit the rings, grabs the bars and get prepped by learning all the skills and techniques you’ll need for real-world obstacle racing.

Paddleboard Yoga

Hang zen, dude. If you’re a yogi who wants to get wild, forget about a traditional flow – try riding the wave of a Paddleboard workout instead. With the instability challenging the strength of your posture and core, it’s still about finding balance… but nobody said we had to make it easy.


Build the strength to smash life, without the incredible bulk. This is all about control: precise movements that stretch and tone to improve your posture, increase your flexibility and reinforce your core. You know what they say. Hit the mat and you’ll never go back.

Pole Tricks

They say strong is sexy, which is probably why pole dancing is fit AF. Discover the strength, toning and bruising it takes to climb, spin, invert and perform in this aerial-meets-gymnastics workout that werks you from head to toe. Sweating has never been so seductive.


Prefer to bang workouts out to the beat of your own drum? Meet cardio, Pilates, isometric and plyometric in the pit and rock out in a sweaty class that smashes out results with the help of drumsticks. With anthems like these on the playlist, it’s full-on festival vibes.

Power Battle

Velodrome villains, sweat fetishists and speed demons unite: this is the showdown you’ve been waiting for. Connect your bikes in a technical ride that pits your power against fellow cycle sadists and gets you battling a brutal goal - all before going at it as a group in a full-on Tour de FTP. This is where you push for your most powerful performance... then dig deep for that 10% more.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that: so give all those tweaks, pulls and strains a swerve at Prehab. Working through exercises that increase your range, improve mobility and activate greater flexibility, it's the perfect pairing to your regular strength-based training. Smugness guaranteed.


Sure, we know you’re an absolute beast at the rack and a terror on the track… but how are you REALLY? If you're battling weights addiction it's time to check into Rehab – a chance to scan your body for imbalances, focus on maintenance and prescribe the best course to recovery. Take the first step.


When it comes to lifting, we don’t all like it heavy and slow. If it’s plenty of pumping and a cranked up tempo that gets you going, these low-weight loads provide all the sweaty, sculpting, rep-fuelled rough n' tumble you need. It’s impossible to not look in the mirror and feel yourself after this.

Rocket Yoga

Burning out your fuse at both ends? You wanna try Rocket, man. Developed in 80s San Fran, this is a more playful way to yogi – riding a cosmic wave of energy to a stronger, more centred you. The flow may be faster, but it’s the kind of escape you need.

Rolling With My Yogis

Meet the new prop on the block: This cool little piece of kit opens up your chest, gets those hips flexin’ and makes you roll deep into your practice. You’ll bump up your strength, stability and style. Form poses to perfect your backbends and align your spine with your body and body with your mind.


For full-body fitness, row is all you need to know. Dive in the deep end with a hardcore workout that tightens up your technique, perfects pacing and helps you unlock your body’s natural biomechanical speed. Sure, we like to get a bit sciencey. But with expert instructors to guide you, you won’t be without a paddle.


You can’t know real pleasure without experiencing a little pain. When your body’s tense and in need of real release, this is where ropes, rollers and hard massage can get to work on every twinge and throb. Come play and see what feels good.


A sensual sweaty flow using yoga, movement and tantric breathing to reconnect with the innately powerful self. Experiment with a different kind of self-pleasure. Learn how to self-love. Embrace every part of your beautiful body… then release all that sexual energy with a shuddering Sexhale. Oh, bring socks. (Nothing weird, promise.)


Got sh*tloads of sass and don’t know what to do with it? Step this Shway. Strutting straight out of the 70s underground club scene, this full body dance class styles footwork, hips and chest isolations with disco, house and soul to express your most fearless self. Your arms better get ready for the shapes they’re about to throw.

Sluggers Club

You’ve nailed the basics with our Gymbox coaches and now you’re spoiling for a fight. Put the sweet science of everything you’ve learned into practice at this controlled sparring session that lets you swing til you’re winning. BYO: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, head guard and mouth shield.


Tyre flipping. Log pressing. Sled dragging. If there’s heavy sh*t you’ve ever wanted to lift, push or fling, we’re about to make all your dreams come true. Bringing together many of the disciplines used in competitive Strongman, this is cardio with a heavy twist. Grunting optional.


There are many ways to fly (and not many of them are legal) but at Superfly, it’s your body not your brain doing all the hard work. When you strap into that harness, you’re a zero-gravity force of nature where you'll jump, float and glide – no pushing required.

Surfset Yoga

Hang zen, dude. If you’re a yogi who wants to get wild, forget about a traditional flow – try riding the wave of a Surfset workout instead. With the instability challenging the strength of your posture and core, it’s still about finding balance… but nobody said we had to make it easy.


When it comes to class bookings, not all suspensions are bad. Challenging your physical strength and mental nerve, this sweaty suspended workout pits your body weight against the power of gravity. Pull, twist and tone your body into a lean, mean, athletic machine without a single booking ban in sight.

Sweat to the Beat

Whether you’re a slave to the rhythm or addicted to bass, this catchy little conditioning class is guaranteed to get peak fitness pouring from every pore. This is bodyweight endurance to a beat, challenging your strength, sculpting your figure and making music pulse through every muscle. The floor is yours.


Swap your same-old cardio routine for a group session that'll really test your stamina. Working you hard from top to toe, this kettlebell swing circuit builds power and shreds fat while the energy in the studio reaches boiling point. Hold tight because things are about to get seriously steamy.

Swingers Club

Switch up your functional training with a kettlebell workout that builds endurance, increases strength, burns fat and blitzes every muscle group in your body. Whatever level you’re swinging at – your body has better be ready. You’re leaving this sweaty session with a bit more than you bargained for.

The Fundamentals

The secret to perfect squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses? Crack the fundamentals and that's all you need to know. There’s little variation. Lots of reps. Maybe a bit of maths involved too. But if you want to learn the formula of great technique to get you lifting heavy and strong, there’s no better way to go.


Well, with a name like that, you know it’s going to be more gnarly than nice. Using self-powered cardio equipment you’ll push yourself on a fat-burning rotating program of Aerobic, Lactic and VO2 max focused training. Sound a bit sciencey? In English: you’ll get fitter, faster with fantastic results.

Threshold Run

It’s full steam ahead to faster fat-burning in a rotational running-based programme that pushes you to your lung-busting limits. Merging Aerobic, Lactic and VO2 max- focused training, we’ll help you address every part of your running style – from pace and mechanics to those questionably short shorts.


Blitz your lower body in a session that goes down a storm with your quads and glutes. Combining bodyweight booty-busters and ruthless resistance work, it's the conditioning class where the thigh's the limit. Come on, giz us a squeeze.


Every Londoner’s had it. That urge to run off to the circus. We’ve made it easy trapezy, with an aerial class that’ll get your new career off to a flying start. Or… just build up the strength to get you through real life. The sky’s the limit. Just make sure you wear tight-fitting clothes to avoid friction burns...


Discover what it means to be a true triple threat at Trilactic. Taking over the Escalate studio, you’ll move through three stations as part of a trio – tackling lung-busting, lactic system-enhancing challenges that improve strength, cardio and agility. Well they say good things come in threes…

Ultimate Fit

If you thought that any class with ‘ultimate’ in the name is going to give you a workout so tough that your eyeballs sweat, you’d be 100% correct. Fast-paced, high-intensity and MMA inspired, these are conditioning fitness drills for combat fans who like to kick their own arse before their opponent’s.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Smooth as silk. Chill as you like. Vinyasa flow is your secret oasis of order amongst the chaos of modern life. Knock the frenzy down a few notches by channelling your energies into a dynamic flow that builds strength, improves flexibility and restores sanity one delicious breath at a time.


It may be skipping but there’s no playtime here. Progress your rope technique, crack your footwork co-ordination and work up one hell of a sweat as all your Rocky training montage dreams come true. We weren’t lying when we said we’d whip you into shape.

WOD Squad

Pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Well, looks can be deceiving, pal. Being a Gymbox workout, you’ll mix up those four functional movements to give your body a good hiding; testing your strength, building your skills as well as an intense sweat. It’s fitness at its finest if you dig the rig.

Yin Yoga

Sometimes you just need to take it slow – and Yin is the way to go. The strong and silent type, this meditative flow works for a much deeper connection than most, calming your mind and finding moments of still between the madness of daily life. It’s down time you’ll want to stretch out.

Yoga For Lifting

Whatever impact your training’s had on your body, Yoga For Lifting makes the most of your motion by getting you stronger, stretchier and upping your range of movement. Whether it's for squats, cleans or overhead presses we'll get you hitting high and sinking low. One rep max PB here you come.


The Yogangster Dynamic 45min Flow will calm your mind, energise your spine and mobilise your body. Traditional breath-based vinyasa for the modern world with a drum & bass soundtrack.

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